Visual Inspection techniques have cost Home Owners millions of dollars since the swimming pool was invented. We are more than just visual, Ohio Pool Inspections provides high quality inspections with HIGH TECH Equipment that NO one else provides GUARANTEED!


  • We Evaluate Water Chemistry like everyone else and then we use....

  • LeakTronics Advanced Leak Detection Audio Leak Finding Equipment and try to pinpoint leaks & locations

  • USE THE LZ400 Leakalyzer System to Determines Water Lose down to 1/10,000th of an inch

  • 2-Two Reports 1. Pool Report 2. Water Lose Report

  • Pool/Spa Pumps & Filtration Systems

  • Pool Heaters

  • Pool Equipment/Visual Plumbing

  • Evaluate Gate & Fencing Enclosures

  • Inspect Pool/Spa Surface, Coping, & Points of Entry

  • Pool/Spa Controls and Electrical Systems

  • Pool/Spa Safety Systems, Ladders, Diving Boards

  • Skimmers-Steps-Liners, 

  •  FREE Thermal Imaging performed at every Inspection for even MORE Leak Detection Protection